Government Plan for Fighting Violence Against Women, by Rafah Anabtawi

10 January 2019 |

Kayan Concludes Largest Public Campaign Against Violence Against Women

17 December 2018 |


16 Days of Activism - Evening Program Montage at Osifiah

13 December 2018 |

We are pleased to share a photo and video montage with you from an evening program that was part of our 16-Day Campaign against Violence against Women. Photography and videography by Radwan Shalabi. #Kayan #CFD #16DaysOfActivism.

16 Days of Activism - Protest Against Femicide

13 December 2018 |

During Kayan's 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women, many grassroots women participated and organized a protest against violence and murder of women in the Arab society. Check out our video to see more about how they shared their voices. 

16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign 2018

The purpose of this project is to work towards ending all forms of violence against Palestinian women in Israel using a holistic, grassroots methodology. In relation to the effort to end VAW, we aim to empower grassroots women to be public leaders in , consolidate a grassroots and civil society movement, enrol the public support of decision-makers, engage women, men, and youth in public activities and workshops, and put the issue on the social agenda through media work. Each year, Kayan and Jusur achieve this mainly through a National 16 Days of ending VAW campaign, that reaches 1,000s of direct activity participants, including women, men, youth, and local decision-makers, and features widespread media and social media work and coverage, and school workshops. This campaign is essential to our work in promoting Arab women’s public activism, holding women-led public activities, reaching out to men and youth, and challenging dominant and misogynistic social discourse. It should also be noted that Kayan take a holistic perspective on VAW, and addresses, physical, political, economic, emotional, sexual, and social violence.

16 Days of Activism To End Violence Against Women Campaign 2017

Kayan's 2017  "16 days of activism to end gender-based violence campaign," was coordinated by the Jusur Forum and its local women's groups. The 2017 campaign took our work to end all forms of violence against women in Israel to the next level, as this year we expanded our definitions of violence to include political violence, sexual violence, physical violence, emotional violence, social violence, and sexual violence. This expansion was possible due to our previous work in the society, as through ongoing awareness-raising and community organizing, the society was ready to delve into these more complex and often taboo-laden understandings of the broad range of forms that violence against women takes. The campaign featured intensive media work, social media campaigning, and daily workshops, lectures, rallies, memorials and other creative public activities organized by grassroots Arab women activists in the field. 

16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign 2016

A grassroots campaign coordinated by the Jusur Forum and local women groups that seeks to raise-awareness about ending all forms of violence against women. 

Ending Violence Against Women

14 January 2018 |

A video on violence against women, and Palestinian women in Israel. In support of Kayan's 2017, 16 days of activism to end violence against women campaign.

Arab Women and Youth Working to End Violence Against Women (2015)

In this 2015 campaign, Arab women from Kayan and youth from Baladna Youth Association worked together in order to take a stance against gender-based violence. This was the first time that grassroots Arab women activists were active leaders in the effort to end gender-based violence. The campaign included a national conference, and the first ever grassroots Arab women-led rally to end violence against women. The rally was organized by the Jusur Forum, and featured 150 grassroots Arab women from villages represented by the Jusur Forum. Other elements of the campaign included wide-spread workshops with women, youth, men, and decision-makers, videos, a research report, and more.