Legal Work

The legal program was established at Kayan in 2006, with the goal of increasing Palestinian women’s access to justice, advancing their legal status, and ending rights violations against them within legal and judiciary institutions.

Sexual Harassment In the Workplace


Sexual Harassment in the workplace is an ongoing form of violence that diminishes the security of Palestinian women in Israel. While no official data is available about the prevalence of sexual harassment against Palestinian women in Israel, from our staff’s work in the field, we know that this issue is wide-spread, though rarely spoken about. One of the reasons that this violence persists is due to the fact that Palestinian women fear to speak out against harassment, as this can lead to the loss of their jobs, social ostracism, and threats against them. Thus, Kayan’s work to end sexual harassment in the workplace takes a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of sexual harassment as related to gender-based power relations. Our approach seeks to end taboos that keep women from speaking out, enforce existing laws, empower women to report on violations, and change gender-dynamics and social norms in order to end sexual harassment within our society.

Some of Kayan’s Activities to End Sexual Harassment