Arab Women’s Direct Participation in Politics

There is an urgent need for a new kind of leadership, and I strongly believe that women like me and many others who are supported by Kayan Organization and guided by its principles will be able to serve the interests of women through political representation.

Wafiyeh, Women in Politics Project Participant

From its beginning, Kayan has sought to politicize Palestinian women as decision-makers and activists on local and national levels. However, in 2015 Kayan started working through a unique project model in order to intensify this work. The women in politics project is now targeting local women’s groups, the Jusur Forum, and Arab local parties, with the goals of integrating Arab women’s in local councils, creating society wide support for women’s participation in politics, and enhancing gender-sensitivity and gender-inclusivity within Arab political parties.

Project activities include mapping and researching the status and experiences of Arab women in local councils, providing political empowerment trainings for local women’s groups and the Jusur Forum, supporting local women’s groups and the Jusur Forum in participating in local council elections as both candidates and activists, transforming the social discourse and challenging stereotypes related to Arab women in politics, and holding workshops with Arab local politicians in order to enhance gender-mainstream in their parties. Please visit our resources page in order to see any publications, brochures, and other materials related to our women in politics project.

Out of 120 Knesset members in Israel
are Arab women

Out of 800 Arab Local council members in Israel
are Arab women