Land, Housing, and the Right of Return

In our work on land and housing rights, local women’s groups and the Jusur Forum are critically analyzing current land and housing issues from a gendered perspective, are gaining an in-depth understanding of the history of the Nakba and its connection to contemporary issues of displacement and land appropriation, and are strategizing ways to intervene through both advocacy and awareness-raising. Through this work, grassroots women are becoming vocal non-violent activists in issues that are at the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and are bringing women’s needs and perspectives to the decision-making table.

Project highlights have thus far included a "7 days of Return" activism campaign in which local women’s groups coordinated a campaign to raise-awareness about the Nakba, displacement and contemporary State discrimination in land and housing. The campaign featured women-led public activities such as tours to destroyed Palestinian villages, movie screenings and discussions, rallies, lectures, and more. Additionally, as a result of their public activism in the project, in 2017 women project participants were invited to be leaders in planning the annual March of Return sponsored by ADRID.