Rafah Anabtawi and Alhan Nahhas Daoud attend training at the Geneva International Center for Justice in Istanbul

05/01/2019 - 14:00

Kayan staff, represented by Rafah Anabtawy - Kayan's director and Alhan Nahas - coordinator of the legal work, participated in a training course in Istanbul at the Geneva International Center for Justice. The training concentrated on international law and international tools for the protection of human rights. It also covered the most important bodies that work in this field and the work of the Human Rights Councils and committees on international treaties, as well as the most important existing treaties and their implementation and the commitment of stakeholders. The training also included lectures about the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Council, as well as others systems and committees that deal with human rights issues on the international scale. Our participation was part of Kayan’s activities in the field of international advocacy.