My life is mine. Enough is enough!

11/25/2019 - 16:30
Arab towns and villages in Israel

In alliance with the 16-day global campaign against violence against women, this year Kayan initiated a coalition that brings together Arab human rights and feminist organizations, in a campaign under the slogan "My Life mine". Against the murders of women, which witnessed a painful increase during 2019. During which the partners carried out about 20 awareness and advocay activities over 16 days in the Arab towns. We hope this campaign contributes to the combat against these crimes, and a day will come when our patriarchal society will evolve abandon the killing of its females. This year, we redoubled efforts with our Palestinian civil society partners at home, and we carried to our society a clear unified message that rejects to tolerate women's blood shed, and the violations of their rights, liberties and dignity.